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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe



Introduced in 2018, Tom Ford‘s Lost Cherry is a luxurious and captivating Private Blend fragrance. The aroma of Lost Cherry evokes the sensation of indulging in a delectable treat, blending the sweetness of black cherries with earthy, tobacco-like notes. This perfume marks a first in the company’s high-end fragrance line, drawing inspiration from gourmet cuisine. It successfully conjures images of a sumptuous dessert smothered in rich, syrupy sauce.

Lost Cherry predominantly features notes of sour cherry, bitter almond, and liquor, with an overall amber-toned aroma. The combination of these elements renders it exquisite, unique, and memorable, outshining other fragrances in comparison.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe

Upon initial application, the fragrance exudes a delightful sweetness reminiscent of a bowl of succulent, dark cherries sprinkled with sugar, salt, and sweet musk. A veritable sugar explosion ensues, with high notes vying for the wearer’s attention. After a few minutes, the aroma transitions to a deeper, yet still pleasant, sensation. The scent’s structure contains a black cherry cordial, akin to the luscious, chocolatey filling found within molten chocolate confections. The base notes of Lost Cherry showcase its floral and woody nuances, resulting in a mellower and more comforting aroma. The fragrance concludes with a warm and soothing blend of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and vanilla musk.

Lost Cherry is a well-balanced, comforting gourmand scent. With its warm vanilla and woody undertones, it is an ideal choice for the crisp, cool days of autumn and winter. The aroma is not overpowering, allowing for comfortable wear during evening dinner engagements or romantic dates without concern for an intrusive perfume.

Tom Ford‘s Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum is available in 1, 1.7, and 3.4-ounce (50, 100, and 200-milliliter) bottles. For perfume aficionados, Lost Cherry presents a similar fragrance profile and boasts an ultra-creamy, easy-to-apply formula. To further indulge in the alluring aroma, Tom Ford also offers a Lost Cherry candle.

It is no secret that Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume is a best-seller, but at a hefty price of $320, it may not be accessible to all. For a more budget-friendly option without compromising on fragrance quality, consider Fragrenza’s Amarena Cherry. This Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe combines notes of fresh cherry, jasmine, and vanilla to create an irresistible scent. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this enticing aroma.

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