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The different Chanel skin correctors



Since 1910, Chanel has been one of the most famous luxury brands on the planet. Year after year, she rethinks feminine elegance through ever more elegant but daring collections. Chanel is not content to adapt to its time, it is revolutionizing fashion and has also largely contributed to the emancipation of women in the last century. Little by little, Chanel also invited herself into the world of make-up. Today, her make-up department is quite simply huge and delighted fashionistas all over the world. Focus on Chanel correctors.

Chanel Color Correctors

Chanel Color Correctors
Chanel Color Correctors

The different colors of Chanel Correctors

The Chanel Color correctors are presented in three separate tubes each having a different color. Playing on chromatic oppositions, they all have a specific objective. The apricot corrector eliminates all bluish pigmentations such as dark circles. The green corrector, meanwhile, erases redness, like pimples or blood vessels. Finally, the pink corrector is ideal for fair skin. It illuminates the complexion and brightens the eyes.

Chanel Color Correctors, a resistant and luminous make-up

At the same time, the Chanel Color Correctors all incorporate minerals of natural origin that reflect light. Thus, they give more radiance to the face. For more freshness and soothing, they also contain derivatives of brown algae and moisturizing agents. Their film-forming material, for its part, gives them resistance for 8 hours.

Chanel Beige Tone Corrector

Chanel Beige Tone Corrector
Chanel Beige Tone Corrector

The creamy texture of Beige Tone Corrector

The Beige Concealer Chanel displays unparalleled smoothness that makes it very comfortable. Its melting formula glides over the epidermis, which facilitates its application. Perfectly modular, it displays impeccable hold. The Beige Complexion Corrector is available in three different colors, so as to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Thus, it is addressed to all women.

The Beige Complexion Corrector, a light revealer

Chanel Beige Complexion Corrector contains light reflecting pigments. It also corrects the color of your skin and instantly gives it more radiance. An optical correction conceals all your small skin imperfections. Finally, for more comfort, the Beige Complexion Corrector contains many moisturizing agents that accentuate the suppleness of your skin. Dermatologically tested, the Beige Complexion Corrector is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The Essential Chanel Palette

The Essential Chanel Palette
The Essential Chanel Palette

The three powders contained in the Palette Essentielle de Chanel

The Palette Essentielle de Chanel is a small black case containing several products. The lightest powder illuminates the face and gives it more radiance. The creamy and intermediate texture, for its part, sublimates the complexion and unifies it. The last cream, darker, brings more color to your skin. It can be applied on your cheekbones but also on your mouth. In other words, the Chanel Essential Palette offers you a complete makeup ritual.

How to apply the products of the Palette Essentielle de Chanel?

The Palette Essentielle de Chanel can be applied with a brush or finger. Start by spreading the mid color all over your face, starting from the center and stretching the product outward. Then add the highlighter to the parts of your face that you want to light up and highlight. Finish by adding the darker color to your cheekbones and / or your mouth.

The radiance of Chanel

The radiance of Chanel
The radiance of Chanel

The Complexion Embellisher Pen to illuminate shadowy areas of the face

Le Stylo Embellisseur de Teint Eclat Lumière de Chanel apporte de la brillance à votre visage et renforce son éclat. Il atténue toutes les imperfections et les dissimule. En un simple passage, les cernes et les brands de fatigue s’effacent. Apprécié pour sa légèreté, il glisse facilement sur le visage. Fluide et fondant, il permet une correction précise.

Les différentes façons d’utiliser le Stylo Embellisseur de Teint

Le Stylo Embellisseur de Teint de Chanel peut être appliqué seul, pour un visage naturellement plus lumineux. En ajout après le fond de teint, il donne plus de relief à votre visage et plus de lumière à votre maquillage. Enfin, il peut raviver l’éclat de votre peau en cours de journée par des petites retouches. Pratique et nomade, il s’emporte facilement dans n’importe quel sac à main.

Plus de 45 ans après le départ des Gabrielle Chanel, ses créations n’ont jamais été aussi actuelles, que ce soit dans l’univers de la couture comme dans celui du maquillage. Le style Chanel est toujours fidèle à ce qu’il était autrefois, tout en préservant un incroyable esprit d’innovation. Les correcteurs de la brand sont là pour en témoigner. Ils préservent le savoir-faire ancestral de Chanel tout en lui apportant une touche perpétuelle de nouveauté. À la pointe de la technologie et des tendances, ils ont le don de sublimer l’éclat de votre visage en un simple passage.

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