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For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a feminine portrait



For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a feminine portrait
For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a feminine portrait

Who better than Narciso Rodriguez himself to present his iconic For Her perfume? “This portrait expresses everything a woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth. It is my very personal and romantic vision of the imaginary muse that inspires me and allows me to feel what I feel when I create.

The soul of For Her perfume

For Her is the most famous essence of Narciso Rodriguez. This one is both elegant and comfortable. It contains multiple cultural inspirations sailing from Europe to America. For Her masters both the art of being and of appearing. It displays an intimate and nuanced femininity. With him, sensuality and seduction are simply suggested. For Her delivers a message of love. It is elegant and refined and pays homage to feminine grace. It gives off an absolutely fascinating sensuality and extra soul. It is then quite simply impossible not to be moved by so much olfactory generosity.

The particular ingredient chosen by Narciso Rodriguez

If For Her is unlike any other perfume , it is quite simply because it contains a very special raw material. Indeed, it is based on Egyptian musk. This ancient ingredient is therefore unprecedented in perfumery. It displays an extroverted sensuality and an oriental olfactory richness. It is associated with orange blossom as well as osmanthus. It then reveals all its luminosity and even wraps itself in a hint of honey to become almost solar. Amberlyn and vanilla further enhance this juice with a dash of creaminess. Finally, For Her ends with a more woody and carnal trail, notably revealing a vetiver worked for the occasion in a very feminine way.

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