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This Is Me, a perfume for children from the brand Zadig & Voltaire



This Is Me, a perfume for children from the brand Zadig & Voltaire
This Is Me, a perfume for children from the brand Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire first made a name for itself in the fashion world, being particularly renowned for its rebellious and chic style, as trendy as it is deceptively casual. Appreciated for its casualness and its free spirit, Zadig & Voltaire finally decided to also embark on perfumery. This Is Him and This Is Her are today the most famous essences of the brand. In 2021, these fragrances give birth to a brand new juice, this time intended for children, a great first for Zadig & Voltaire. Happy Kids Notice: Zadig & Voltaire presents the This Is Me perfume!

The lively and electrifying bottle of This Is Me

Let’s start by going to discover the bottle of This Is Me. This perfume for children is played like adults and is clearly inspired by the visuals of the previous This Is Him and This Is Her. However, the completely opaque black and white colors of the past have disappeared. This Is Me relies more on transparency, while preserving the silhouette of its elders. It is easily recognized by its imposing rectangular stature, its broken side face and its cylindrical cap. Words written in capital letters also appear on its front face: “Happy Kids”, “Boys & Girls”, or even “I don’t care”… Quite a symbol! Added to this is a bright, electric yellow color. Zadig & Voltaire children are not lacking in temperament!

Zadig & Voltaire reminds us of the milky tenderness of childhood

So what can this new scent smell like? Visually and olfactoryly, This Is Me is inspired by its predecessors, notably by taking up the emblematic breath of sandalwood, the favorite raw material of Zadig & Voltaire essences. However, this time it is not its main ingredient. Sandalwood leaves its enveloping breath in the base notes of this perfume. It is combined with Cashmeran, the softness of which recalls that of Zadig & Voltaire cashmere sweaters. To this is also added a milky and musky vanilla. From then on, this perfume appears like a cloud of milk, to be consumed without moderation, as a tender comfort to be offered on a daily basis. To design this recipe, Zadig & Voltaire called on the perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui.

This Is Me, a fragrance synonymous with sharing

By choosing to target children, Zadig & Voltaire is giving its perfumery an even more universal reach. Thus, entire families can now get drunk on its fragrances. More than ever, 2021 is about sharing. In fact, at the same time, Zadig & Voltaire presents us with another composition called This Is Us, a unisex juice, intended for both men and women. With Zadig & Voltaire perfumes, the whole tribe is filled. This Is Me is a juice synonymous with cheerfulness, joie de vivre and freedom!

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