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The different Dior eyebrow pencils



Fashion, perfumery, cosmetics, watchmaking, etc. We can no longer count the fields in which the house of Dior is famous. Whatever its sector of activity, Dior transforms all the products it touches into global luxury staples. Like the rest of his creations, Dior eyebrow pencils are a concentrate of elegance and refinement. Coming from a very successful know-how, they deliver us the best of cosmetics associated with make-up. Dior eyebrow pencils have no equal when it comes to enhancing your eyes and adding more character and depth.

The Dior Eyebrow Pencil

The Dior Eyebrow Pencil
The Dior Eyebrow Pencil

The Dior Eyebrow Pencil, the combination of several products

The Dior Eyebrow Pencil contains a powder loaded with pigments that is deposited on your eyebrow to give it more density. It combines with the latter a wax that structures your eyebrow and sublimates it. Very practical, this pencil is applied in a simple and fun way. It disciplines your gaze while harmonizing with all types of women. Indeed, it comes in six different colors.

The little brush of the Dior eyebrow pencil

The Dior Eyebrow Pencil comes with a second tip that takes the form of a bottle brush, like a mascara. This tool allows you to brush your eyebrows before applying your makeup. Then, it is used to blend the pencil in the heart of your eyebrows, so as to blend the material with your eyes. From then on, your makeup becomes imperceptible.

The Diorshow Brow

The Diorshow Brow
The Diorshow Brow

The Diorshow Brow, a high precision eyebrow pencil

The Diorshow Brow is a makeup tool that will allow you to obtain a result worthy of a professional. It makes up your eyes with absolute precision. In a single gesture, it reshapes the eyebrows and gives them more intensity. It thus makes it possible to correct small errors in hair removal or to flesh out an eyebrow that is too thin. Available in several colors, it adapts to all looks.

The Diorshow Brow, to naturally fill your eyebrow line

The Diorshow Brow comes in a highly natural color chart. Its fine mine precisely outlines your eyebrow and fills in the missing areas of the latter. For a more natural result, we recommend that you blend its formula with its small brush. The Diorshow Brow works wonders and is the best ally for all women who lack hair in their eyes.

The All-In Brow 3D

The All-In Brow 3D
The All-In Brow 3D

The All-In Brow 3D, a makeup palette

The Dior All-In Brow 3D is a small complete kit that is used to sublimate your eyebrows. Its silver case contains three expert applicators, namely two angled brushes and a bottle brush. Two powders are also included in this kit, used to create a custom relief in your eyebrows. Finally, a waterproof wax helps to set your makeup and make it last throughout the day.

The All-In Brow 3D, professional quality at your fingertips

The All-In Brow 3D is directly inspired by professional makeup techniques. He draws a perfect eyebrow in a single pass. Its intense colors do not fade over the hours. All-In Brow 3D is resistant to humidity and does not create any risk of sagging. Thus, it guarantees you an impeccable look from early morning until evening.

Since 1947, Christian Dior has revolutionized the fashion world. At the same time, he developed a very first perfume. The Dior makeup , meanwhile, only arrived a little later, offering women a complete beauty ritual. If fashions are constantly evolving, today the beauty of the eyebrows occupies an important place. These are a central element of the face and are indicative of many emotions. To highlight them, Dior is constantly making new products. Dior eyebrow pencils are the result of constant research. They have in them an exceptional know-how in the service of women.

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