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The different Cristalle de Chanel perfumes



A true myth of French fashion and beauty, the Chanel brand drew its inspiration from the playful and innovative character of the talented Gabrielle Chanel. Like her haute couture creations, her fragrances exude feelings of happiness and freedom. Among the most beautiful olfactory successes of the brand we note the legendary N ° 5, Egoïste, Chance, Allure, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle or more recently Gabrielle Chanel. Cristalle is a fragrance created by Henri Robert in 1974 and symbolizes both youth and freshness.

Cristalle, the scent of a promising youth

Cristalle, the scent of a promising youth
Cristalle, the scent of a promising youth

The ultra feminine notes of Cristalle

You should know that when it came out, the perfume was called Cristal. It was quickly renamed Cristalle in order to stick to the ultra feminine image that emanated from its composition. Cristalle de Chanel is the first perfume to emerge after the death of Gabrielle Chanel and in this sense, it has a special imprint. Cristalle is part of white water not only because of its freshness, but also because it has all the radiance of white water with, in addition, the exemplary hold of an eau de parfum.

Cristalle is a limpid fragrance sparkling with joy. Its freshness and spontaneity make it a timelessly young fragrance. Truly pure, the feminine fragrance combines minerality and luminosity. Cristalle perfectly symbolizes the eternal youth that lies dormant in every woman. The composition takes off on the invigorating notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon. The heart combines floral and green notes thanks to the presence of honeysuckle, hyacinth, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Finally, the base is delicately sensual and combines vetiver and oakmoss.


Cristalle Eau Verte, a luminous freshness

Cristalle Eau Verte, a luminous freshness
Cristalle Eau Verte, a luminous freshness

The green notes of Cristalle Eau Verte

In 2009, Jacques Polge revisited Cristalle Chanel by bringing an echo to the personality of Gabrielle Chanel, who adored the countryside and nature. Cristalle’s soul is perfectly recognizable here, even if Jacques Polge’s revisit is very different from the original fragrance. Jacques Polge has decided to offer a fragrance that represents the idea we have of greenery. Between refinement and elegance, Chance Eau Verte is an astonishing fragrance much less simple than it seems.

Cristalle Eau Verte describes itself as a floral-green fragrance. The composition takes off on the freshness of honeysuckle, bergamot and lemon. Then, the heart of Cristalle Eau Verte is filled with neroli and magnolia. The base of Cristalle Eau Verte combines white musks, iris and jasmine for a delicate floral sensuality. The bottle incorporates the main codes of its elder. More slender, it is also more sober and features an ultra elegant cabochon.


Cristalle Eau de Toilette, a sensual youth

Cristalle Eau de Toilette, a sensual youth
Cristalle Eau de Toilette, a sensual youth

The floral and fresh notes of Cristalle Eau de Toilette

Cristalle Eau de Toilette is a limpid fragrance sparkling with joy. Also fresh, Cristalle is crystal clear water, like a stream flowing in a waterfall, right on the rock. Cristalle looks like an impressive boost as spring arrives, turning green with all its might. The composition takes off on the freshness of Sicilian lemon and bergamot. Its heart is both green and floral and combines honeysuckle, hyacinth and jasmine.

Its base is softly sensual thanks to the presence of oak moss and vetiver. Clean and slender, the Cristalle bottle is slender topped with a delicious sparkling black cabochon.

Created in 1974 by Henri Robert, Cristalle de Chanel is a living eau that is as feminine as it is eternal. Declined several times by Jacques Polge, Cristalle displays, in turn, a young, sensual side or even overflowing with greenery.

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