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The different Clarins Fluid Foundation



The Clarins house has seduced men and women around the world with its care, always respectful of your skin but also mindful of biodiversity. Clarins has a very in-depth knowledge of plants. This great beauty brand will seek the best benefits of nature from the four corners of the globe to integrate them into sensory formulas that are always very sophisticated. At the same time, Clarins is also interested in the world of make-up. Thus, it is his whole pioneering vision of beauty that can also be found in his range of fluid foundations.

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation
Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation

The Skin Illusion Foundation, a light product

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation has the fluidity of a serum and the coverage of a foundation. It offers the sensation of bare skin while concealing your small pigmentary defects. Its homogeneous texture does not create any material effect. Moreover, its precise applicator, delivering only a few drops of its texture, also ensures its lightness. The Skin Illusion Foundation offers an immediate sensation of freshness and makes your face glow day after day with a natural radiance.

The skincare formula integrated into the Skin Illusion Foundation

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation contains several natural ingredients that aim to sublimate the skin day by day. Janie rouge preserves the transparency of your complexion, while kalanchoe stimulates its skin hydration mechanisms. Day after day, your face looks more radiant and younger. Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation improves the luminosity of your face by 58% after 28 days of use.

Clarins Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15

Clarins Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15
Clarins Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15

Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15, an anti-aging treatment

The Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15 does more than just make up the skin. It is enriched with oat polyoses which help to make the skin firmer and smoother. Day by day, the features are visibly rejuvenated and the skin appears unified. What’s more, its sun protection index protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays. Clarins Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15 helps you fight free radicals and thus preserves your beauty as long as possible.

The different ingredients contained in the Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15

To achieve such results, Clarins Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15 combines several ingredients with widely recognized properties. Big plantain extract helps to firm the skin surface. The Clarins “Light-Optimizing +” complex reduces wrinkles and gives your face more radiance. A vegetable micro-patch acts as a protective vegetable film that prevents dehydration. Finally, the Multi-Regenerating Foundation SPF 15 is also based on triple anti-UV, anti-radical and anti-pollution protection.

Clarins High Hold + Foundation

Clarins High Hold + Foundation
Clarins High Hold + Foundation

The High Hold + Foundation, for results that last over and over again

The High Hold + Foundation, as its name suggests, clearly focuses on tenacity to capsize your heart. In this case, it ensures you a perfect complexion from early morning until evening. Likewise, its care formula acts for 18 hours continuously on your skin. The latter ensures your skin comfort and prevents the appearance of tightness. The Clarins High Hold + Foundation is absolutely resistant to all challenges!

The moisturizing action of the High Hold + Foundation

In addition to its tenacity, the High Hold + Foundation benefits from a very moisturizing action. Thus, it does not create any feeling of mask and preserves an absolute lightness. It prevents skin dehydration and also deeply nourishes the skin, thanks to the nutritive properties of quinoa. Clarins High Hold + Foundation also mattifies your face thanks to its bamboo extract.

Not content with sublimating your skin with always very sophisticated foundations, you should also know that Clarins is a committed brand. For Clarins, beauty only has meaning if it is accompanied by generosity, benevolence and humanity. For more than 20 years, Clarins has therefore been committed to serving 14 charities, in favor of children and the planet. Clarins cultivates beauty through science and, in return, thanks the Earth for everything it offers.

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