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For a Caron Man, more than a perfume, a revolution



For a Caron Man, more than a perfume, a revolution
For a Caron Man, more than a perfume, a revolution

Pour un Homme is a unique juice . Indeed, it holds a special place in the perfume sector. When it was invented in 1934, it was the very first perfume intended exclusively for men. In this sense, he paved the way for perfumery as we know it today and is considered a true symbol of daring and innovation.

The history of Pour un Homme perfume

At the beginning of the last century, men traditionally only perfumed themselves with an Eau de Cologne. Indeed, it was synonymous with freshness and was perceived as an element of coquetry that perfectly embellished the shaving. It was then that the perfumer Ernest Daltroff had the idea to design a perfume exclusively for men. It was revolutionary. Indeed, this new juice was not a simple “smell” as usual but a way of highlighting all its elegance. So, he baptized this new perfume Pour un Homme. This was then immediately adopted. The success even exceeded all the hopes of the creator and many other creative houses quickly followed suit. Thanks to Pour un Homme, men’s perfumery was born.

Caron’s first male scent

Pour un Homme is a fragrance based mainly on lavender. The latter brings a scent that is both fresh and suave, subtle and powerful. It then recalls the smell of barbers of yesteryear. Indeed, this plant has been present in soaps since the 18th century. For the occasion, it is then associated with vanilla. This gives it a more sophisticated and sensual side. Finally, the whole is reinforced by the alliance of tonka bean, amber and musk. Of course, if this essence has been so successful, it is obviously because its smell was intended to be particularly refined. Nevertheless, Pour un Homme is also a perfume recognized for the excellent quality of its raw materials.

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