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Find your signature fragrance according to your age



Find your signature fragrance according to your age
Find your signature fragrance according to your age

From childhood to adulthood we don’t like the same smells

It is difficult to find your signature scent, the scent that suits us perfectly . There are a multitude of ways to guide you in your choice. The age of a woman or a man is one of these ways.

As with perfumes for young girls, perfumes for children were, before Baby Dior in 1970, non-existent. Even today, perfumes for babies or children are relatively few on the market, whereas we can hardly imagine perfuming a little girl with a pretty but nonetheless well distinguished Miss Dior.

At each age its perfume, at each age its desires. Children naturally prefer low-alcohol scents with gourmet or flowery scents. For young ladies, it would be more or less the same, although the offer in perfumery being much larger, it often encourages them to already have perfumes that are much more assertive than Anaïs Anaïs was. When she reaches adulthood, a woman’s tastes will of course also change a lot, although the gourmet trend shows us that even assertive women like to find themselves in pleasant delicacies!

From young man to grandpa, there is always a perfume to his liking

Today, perfumers no longer hesitate to segment men’s perfumery into different age groups as it seems obvious that a young teenager will not look to the same scents as a more mature man of 60, for example.

Thus each man can easily find a perfume which corresponds to his age and his new desires or, on the contrary, to a certain classicism. Moreover, the rankings of bestsellers in male perfumery relatively highlight the fact that men buy both great classic perfumes and original and young perfumes.

However, some perfumes play on contrasts between retro scents and modern accords to tempt the nostrils of those for whom age does not really matter!
The scent reflects his character

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