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Famous illustrator Ana Strumpf reinterprets Nina collector’s bottle, by Nina Ricci



Famous illustrator Ana Strumpf reinterprets Nina collector's bottle, by Nina Ricci
Famous illustrator Ana Strumpf reinterprets Nina collector’s bottle, by Nina Ricci

Famous illustrator Ana Strumpf revisits Nina’s bottle, by Nina Ricci

Since its creation, the Nina Ricci house has depicted us the portrait of a gentle and romantic woman, causing a wind of poetry to float in her wake. Thus, the luxury brand is renowned for its dreamlike universe, like straight out of a wonderful dream. It is precisely in this context that the Nina perfume was made in 2006. Today, to spark sparks in your eyes, and on the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, Nina Ricci has decided to reinterpret its cult fragrance in a collector’s edition. Thus, its pretty apple-shaped bottle has been transformed by Ana Strumpf, famous American illustrator.

Who is Ana Strumpf?

To transform its famous perfume Nina, the brand Nina Ricci has decided to collaborate with Ana Strumpf. Originally from Sao Paulo, this artist really made a name for herself in New York. Passionate about art in general, she is both an illustrator, product designer and interior designer. Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, then from the Parsons School in 2010, Ana Strumpf is renowned for her magazine front pages revisited with clever pencil strokes. On the program: flashy colors, patterns and a colorful universe… Enough to personalize absolutely everything that passes through your hands!

The new bottle from Nina Collector

With Nina Collector, Nina Ricci invites you this time to discover and share the creative talent of Ana Strumpf, making you the actress of your own bottle creation. Thus, the bottle of Nina Collector comes with a whole bunch of adhesive patches, which you just have to stick as you see fit on your bottle, to personalize it. The patches were totally designed by Ana Strumpf. However, it is up to you to use them according to your wishes, to create a unique fragrance, in accordance with your personality. Note also that the illustrator has opted for a golden cap. The top of this bottle is flooded with a shower of glitter, in a very festive spirit. More than ever, Nina Collector has put on her 31!

Nina Collector, when Nina Ricci is inspired by a candy apple

Regarding the smell of Nina perfume, nothing has really changed. Thus, it is still the perfume made in 2006 by Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp. It must be said that its delicious and appetizing scent is timeless, so much so that women never tire of rediscovering it! It all starts with a powerful and lively scent of lemon, associated with a caïpirinha accord. Then, the heart of Nina Collector becomes more greedy, feminine and bewitching. Rose, jasmine and peony combine with apple, strawberry and raspberry. Then, little by little, it is a true apple of love which resurfaces from its wake. Plunging us back into our childhood memories, Nina Ricci makes us salivate, with a scent enveloped in praline, vanilla and caramel.

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