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Elie Saab perfume Leather Patchouli



Elie Saab perfume Leather Patchouli
Elie Saab perfume Leather Patchouli

Leather Patchouli, Elie Saab’s new vibrant sensuality juice

The leather industry is arguably one of the oldest in human history. Indeed, our most distant ancestors already used skins to protect their bodies. Today, leather is still used by the greatest design houses and in particular by the Elie Saab brand . Also, in order to pay homage to this universal texture, Elie Saab even decided to develop four new fragrances named respectively Bourbon Leather, Patchouli Leather, Ylang Leather and Absolute Leather. So, let’s see what it is about Patchouli Leather …

The combination of Leather and Patchouli

Leather is a natural product that is both warm and breathable. The latter is equipped with a fiber specific to each species and allows the creation of absolutely unique sewing pieces. Much appreciated by the Elie Saab brand, it is a product widely used during the parades of this house. Patchouli, on the other hand, is a tropical plant with an emblematic smell of the 70s and the hippie current. Also, it is precisely this colorful blend that we find in the new Leather Patchouli fragrance.

The strong temperament of the new Elie Saab perfume

Like each of the four new Elie Saab fragrances, Cuir Patchouli is a unisex juice intended for both women and men. It was developed by the talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and contains many spices. In this case, its scent is clearly dominated by the presence of cinnamon. Likewise, patchouli gives it a vibrant and sassy character. The whole begins with a fresh flight of bergamot. However, its base is more amber, letting the carnal sensuality of leather escape.

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