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Elie Saab Absolu Leather perfume



Elie Saab Absolu Leather perfume
Elie Saab Absolu Leather perfume

Cuir Absolu, the new juice from Elie Saab

Francis Kurkdjian is today considered to be one of the most renowned perfumers on the planet. Demanding and persevering, he is a creator with extraordinary artistic know-how and passionate about everything related to creativity in general. A true lover of smells, it is therefore in the service of the house of Elie Saab that this time he worked to create four new leather-based juices. These are called Bourbon Leather, Patchouli Leather, Ylang Leather and Absolu Leather. So how about taming the last of them in more detail?

The choice of leather as a central element of the house of Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a Lebanese-born perfumer who has won over the hearts of the entire planet thanks to his daring combinations of Western and Eastern fashions. Also, in order to sublimate men and women during each of his parades, Elie Saab does not hesitate to use the most beautiful materials and in particular one of the most famous on our planet: leather. Warm, breathable and very resistant, it is a raw material used for clothing since the dawn of time. Also, it is through the Absolu Leather perfume that Elie Saab this time wanted to pay tribute to him.

The mysterious recipe of Cuir Absolu

If the composition of the three other perfumes in Elie Saab’s Leather collection has more or less been revealed, that of Cuir Absolu remains much more mysterious. Indeed, this unisex perfume places leather at the center of its composition but no one yet knows what this unique scent will be accompanied by. Nevertheless, this already leaves no doubt that it will undoubtedly be a highly sensual fragrance …

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