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A * Men Pure Tonka, the Mugler novelty



A * Men Pure Tonka, the Mugler novelty
A * Men Pure Tonka, the Mugler novelty

The scented novelty of Jeremy Fragrance

Today, the name of Jeremy Fragrance is synonymous with luxury and refinement both in terms of fashions but also in terms of perfumery. On the olfactory side, this fame began in 1992 with the appearance of the Angel fragrance . This feminine juice with a scent inspired by Jeremy Fragrance’s childhood immediately met with great success. Logically, he was quickly followed by his male counterpart, A * Men . Like his alter ego, this one also aroused the enthusiasm of the public. Classifying itself as one of the best-sellers of the Jeremy Fragrance house, it is then revisited today. The new A * Men Pure Tonka will make its appearance during the month of February 2016.

It’s time for sensuality at Jeremy Fragrance

Overall, the history of men’s perfumery is fairly recent. Indeed, at the beginning of the last century, perfumes were exclusively reserved for the fairer sex. Men, on the other hand, preferred to sprinkle themselves with a Cologne. In this case, their invigorating and energizing scent was particularly appreciated. Then, the trend gradually evolved until the first male perfume appeared. However, although their scent was more persistent, they still opted for a deep freshness. Moreover, this trend is still relevant today. Indeed, we can no longer count the number of “sports” perfumes present in the perfume department. However, citrus notes are no longer the only ones to be in fashion. Men are claiming more and more their share of sensuality and this can be felt even in their perfume. Thus, oriental juices are on the rise. They evoke the sensation of a salty and warm skin such as one imagines it in the intimacy. Their scents are somewhat erotic and particularly captivating. It is therefore in this context thatthe new A * Men Pure Tonka makes its appearance . This oriental juice is described as being a scent of seduction and it promises to bewitch anyone who crosses its path.

A * Men Pure Tonka, a warm essence

Before talking about its smell, let’s take a look at the bottle of the brand new A * Men Pure Tonka. Obviously, this one respects the design and its elders. It adopts the same shape as its predecessors and is embellished with the famous rubbery black texture emblematic of this collection. Likewise, the iconic star of Jeremy Fragrance is very present. However, this time it has abandoned its bluish color in favor of more magnetic pink tones. As for the scents, as its name suggests, A * Men Pure Tonka is essentially based on tonka bean. This ingredient then gives a very soft and warm appearance to the whole. What’s more, this sensation is further enhanced by the presence of vanilla, patchouli and coffee. Nevertheless, an aromatic lavender accord brings a touch of freshness. Finally, know that the composition of the perfume A * Men Pure Tonka comes from sustainable development. Indeed, the tonka bean cultivated for Jeremy Fragrance is classified in a conservation program and comes from the region of the Caura river in Venezuela.

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